Chewing Gum is a massive social problem caused by some Chewing Gum users not disposing of the waste Chewing Gum into an appropriate rubbish bin.

Instead they 'dropping' it on to the pavement, into the road, on to a track or sticking it in any place, other than a rubbish bin.

This could result in an innocent passer by getting it stuck to their personal belongings, clothes, shoes or hands !


There are may initiatives created by many Governments, Organisations and individuals to try and help induce a will or expectation that all Chewing Gum users have a desire to dispose of the Gum sensibly, into a rubbish bin.


Since I created the Glitzi Gums in 1998, as an inclusive route to support and encourage children's reading, Wales tourism and encourage children to dispose of Gum into rubbish bins, I have watch the Chewing Gum initiative and its response has not been very encouraging.

As a road runner (many half and full marathons under my belt along with ParkRun) I still get Gum on my shoes and need to clean them off.

As a Cardiff resident I see the Gum through out the City and it is a disappointing mess.

Unfortunately the destickification machine being designed by Edgar Jones at Lampeter University has as yet, not matured to a useful device, but he is working on it! The story is told in 'Thunder in the Library' and the arrival of Great Uncle Owain in Gladstones Library at Hawarden.

Glitzi Gum
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