'Blog Page' 2019 !!

Well a Very Happy New Year to all you readers and hopefully it will be an exciting year for the Glitzi Gums.

We start off with a new 'Blog Page' for all to read with a Portmeirion Art Work and the creation of the Great Auntie Gwen Story coming soon !!

The next book to go to print may well be the Great Uncle Owain book with the Christmas Story Book Riefe Gum planned for later in the year.

March/April 2019

Well the New Year 2019 is 'whizzing' along and Easter is almost here. The Glitzi Gums are 'getting' sorted!

The next book is at AST the printers and it is the 'Riefe Gum Book' a bit earlier than planned but will be ready for Christmas 2019 and is set in and around Llandaff and Cardiff.

The Glitzi Gum Books have been presented to Cardiff Library and we hope that they will be available for all to read soon.

May/December 2019

Well the  Year 2019 is drawing to a close and Christmas 2019 is almost here. 

Some more of the Glitzi Gum stories have been and are still 'getting' sorted!

'Riefe Gum Book' the Christmas 2019 story has now been published and the story is set in and around Llandaff Cathedral and Cardiff.

The Glitzi Gum Books having been presented to Cardiff Library are also now in the UK National Library system and so will hopefully be available for all to read soon.


'Blog Year 2018'

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