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January 2018

Well folks Christmas and New Years Day 2018 have been and gone and we are now cruising into the year with Ffion Gums book at the printers. New ideas are flowing following a trip to Tenby and a new Gum character will be created soon.

January 2018

Well the Ffion Gum book is in at the printers and the "New Look" A5 size story book is ready to be printed at

AST Cardiff 

March 2018

Yes ! Its St David's Day , 1st of March and it is National Literature Day in Wales.

April/May 2018

Yes ! Its printed  Ffion Book is now printed and it is very smart, many thanks to all at AST printers Cardiff for a quality job.

Next up a trip to the plaster modelling studios to create the Models so watch this place as the models are made.

Enjoy the wedding on Saturday from all in Wales.

June / July 2018

Well the plaster modelling is progressing and the full novels are coming together in the back ground.

The temperature is very hot and can be a bit dangerous if you do not take care, so cover up, apply lots of sun tan cream, drink cup fulls of juice and enjoy what's left of the World Cup Football.

It will soon be summer holidays so look at the places to visit in Wales and plan some trips to the locations on the Wales map in the web site.

If you need any help send an email and we will try to help.

August 2018

A magic time for all the cyclists and sport lovers of Wales as Geraint Thomas becomes our hero winning the Tour de France ! What an amazing adventure that we are all so proud off.

A 'G' Gum fits well into the story line of the Gums and I will work it into the books enabling connections from location to location like the new internet connected Gum stories that are coming.

It will soon be the Wales Ladies verses the English Ladies for the World cup qualifying group so I am looking forward to cheering them on as well as a Red Wall member.

Time to clean up Wales from the 'Mess' of chewing gum, help remove the gum from our streets!

September October November and December 2018

The 'Magic' times continue as the First New A5 sized book, following publication in August, will be for sale at the Llangollen Railway Station next Year 2019. The rush is now on to get the Ffion Gum character manufactured so that the total experience of the Gums can be enjoyed around Llangollen.

The word is starting to spread about the Glitzi Gums and their books so watch this space. 

                            How to put  Wales on the  Map of the World.

A Very Happy Christmas to all you readers and followers. 

February 2018

Yes ! The Ffion Gum book is nearly finished, just a few amendments and the bar code addition.

Loads of help and design changes for the "New Look" A5 size story book.

Many thanks for the help from AST Printers Cardiff.

Next book coming on Great Auntie Gwen at Portmeirion.

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