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January/March 2020

Well the  Year 2020 has started and what a strange beginning it has been, 

things were kind of OK with no real snow and not to cold a weather, but then

the "rains" came and so very many floods occurred, with so many homes 

damaged and so much "stress" for the folk in the affected areas.


Then, just when some relief was in sight from the "rains" the COVID-19 

nasty virus struck. This has been a very sad time, with so many family members, 

friends, NHS caring staff and strangers being taken from our lives tragically 

too early. 

I hope that the virus will be beaten soon so that there will be no more sadness.

The  Glitzi Gum stories are still 'getting' sorted slowly, but other things 

have been more important.

'Blog Page' 2020 !!
Many thanks 

to all those working in the


and the 
care homes 

at this very difficult time 
April/June 2020

With everyone still in a state of "Lockdown" the "Glitzigums" have also been quietly watching for any arriving
uninvited "Malvicieux gums" as the Earthly World is in a "bit of a Big Mess" at the moment!

Please be safe, act responcibly to look after all others around you especially the older and younger frailer folk and 

clap loud on Thursdays. 

Please also read your school work to help keep up your studies, we will need your skills in the future.

Add a diary each day to record what you have done, create adventures in your home, help your family and friends, create 

new laughs and remember " 2 metres on self distancing ", cuddles will come as soon as it is safe.
July / December 2020

Well folks its still an "in and out" of various levels of a state of "Lockdown" and the "Glitzigums" who 

are quietly watching and awaiting the arrival of any more uninvited "Malvicieux gums". Mean while our Earthly 

World continous its revolutions from day to night and back again and the long days turn to short days and long nights

everything is still in a  "bit of a Big Mess" ! With new variants of the current Virus circulating and evolving, 

science is watching natures moves just like a chess match. 

Please be safe and respectful to others; act responcibly to look after all around you, especially all the 

older and younger, frailer folk the "key health works and carers". 

Please try and study when all around you are distractions, read your school work, keep up your studies, as we will need

your new skills in the future.

Again try and add a diary record listing what you have done, create adventures in your home, help your family and friends

in your social support bubble. Create many new ideas, have laughs and use the internet, especially social media, "wisely".

Remember the main rules " 2 metres on self distancing ", " wear your mask " and " scrub your hands regularly " cuddles will come as soon as it is safe.

                                                  Stay Safe, Protect others and yourself   

Well Folks the latest requirements to keep safe in this pandemic are associated with strongly observing 

1.  the 2 metre distancing measurement
2. serious multi washing of hands, and a 
3. very conscious observation of your immediate suroundings with your face mask firmly in place 
                                 Be aware of where others are and respect that 2 metre distance.
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